One-Step RT-qPCR


For sensitive and reliable quantification of RNA targets with probe based qPCR

Our Soliscript one-step solutions are optimized for performing sensitive and highly specific cDNA synthesis and qPCR in a single tube. The simple workflow of the one-step format and increased stability at room temperature make it ideal for high throughput RNA analysis. 


Soliscript one-step solutions combine benefits of two enzymes.

  • cDNA synthesis up to 60ºC for exceptional specificity
  • Successful quantification of difficult templates with high GC-content or complex secondary structure
  • More room for primers, probes and low concentrated samples due to high concentrated format

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SOLIScript 1-step Multiplex Probe KitPDFPDF
SOLIScript 1-step Multiplex Probe Kit (ROX)PDFPDF
SOLIScript 1-step Probe KitPDFPDF
SOLIScript 1-step Multiplex Probe Kit (Purple)PDFPDF